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OneNote 2010 not syncing with SkyDrive Fix

Since the recent IE fix I’ve had an issue with OneNote 2010 not syncing with OneDrive (formally SkyDrive). It would say I needed a password to connect and when I would try to sign in it would come back with: “We can’t sign you in because the network isn’t available. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and try again.”

Everything else was working – OneDrive was syncing. Most of the posts I came across on the net searching for a solution suggested proxy issue. I was able to access OneDrive and my OneNote folders online so figured it wasn’t a proxy issue.

Since the failure occurred when trying to sign into Windows Live, decided it might be an issue with the Windows Live ID credential store by Windows – turns out I was right. By deleting the stored credentials I was able to get OneNote syncing again.

To delete the credentials:

  1. Close all Office Applications and logout of Windows Live/SkyDrive/OneDrive
  2. Open the Control Panel and click on Credential Manager
  3. Remove the Windows Live ID credentials (click on the dropdown icon and select Remove from Vault)
  4. Remove the “Virtualapp/Didlogical” credentials (again click on the dropdown icon and select Remove from Vault)

(The Virtualapp/Didlogical is a credential stored when you use any Windows Live product or other Microsoft service…)

Once deleting the credentials, OneNote was able to connect with OneDrive and sync the notebooks.sync

Update 5/10: Issue returned today. Starting to wonder if it is a conflict with the OneDrive credential. Only seems to work if I disable OneDrive and then clear the credentials.

Update 5/11: Issue persists everytime OneNote is opened. Finally found a MS KB on this. Simply uninstalling the old Windows Live Essentials and then clearing the credentials seems to have finally done the trick.


Since getting my iPad a couple years ago I’ve found I’ve used my laptop less and less even though the iPad was never bought or intended for work use it was what I tend to take with me to clients’ and then if I needed something I’d remote in to my desktop at home…
The past few months I’ve been wanting to limit my work us of the iPad and actually get something meant more for work and so after much deliberation, I ordered a Surface Pro 2 on Monday from Microsoft and it arrived yesterday afternoon… I was quite shocked it came the day after I ordered it as I had the free 3-7 day shipping.

I have managed to load it with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign from Creative Cloud but really haven’t had time to work with it much.

First impressions… I don’t like the kick stand. I find it annoying and I miss the folder smart cover my iPad has… the pen is interesting… sort of like one of the earlier Wacom essentials versions… definitely not the weight/feel of a Wacom. I did read that Wacom has a Feel IT driver that makes the surface pen more Wacom like… haven’t tried it out yet but will and post results…

My biggest complaint at the moment is why can google and apple sync bookmarks/favorites across devices but Microsoft can’t unless all devices are Windows 8 using windows live login??? Seems bizarre… Loading iCloud to the surface pro so Apple can do Microsoft’s job for them and sync my favorites…


iOS7 first impressions…

I like the cleaner look. One of the first things I didn’t like was in calendar I typically use the “list” view and on first glance the one calendar doesn’t have that option. However, upon clicking the “search” icon I found this:
calendar search view

Another issue I’ve found is that iTunes 11.1 will no sync music to an iOS 7 device without doing a complete restore of the device… very annoying..

Random iPhone sync errors

There is nothing quite as annoying as having tech not work as expected. We depend so much on our computers and smartphones now days that when something fails it makes us completely reorganize our lives… which has happened to me more times than I’d like this month. It started on April 1st when my mom called from Arizona when her computer failed… the next week was spent setting up a new one via remote access for her. It is absolutely amazing how far things have come since I first used a computer in 1983. The fact that current technology allows me to set up a computer that is 2500 miles away is mind boggling when you really think about it. All my mom had to do was insert cds and occassionally turn it on…

Last week it was my iPhone… for some reason both my iPod and iPhone started having random sync errors following update Tuesday’s slew of updates… This was quite annoying as it threw my morning routine of syncing the BBC World Update Morning Commute to my iPhone to listen to some actual news (it is pathetic what seems to pass as ‘news’ in America) on the trip to/from my son’s school completely off… I know minor thing not having the morning news especially when compared to us losing power for a week last August when Irene came through but it was still annoying. Not the missing the news as much as the fact my iPhone, which has been one of the least frustrating tech devices I’ve ever used, wasn’t playing right…

The random errors included:
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