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Puzzle Elephant Toy


Little puzzle elephant toy I crocheted using some left over yarn from a niece’s birthday present…

Subs and Hearts Baby Set

Subs and Hearts
Baby set I just finished for the up-coming Submarine Spouse Association mini-auction… I based the pattern off of a recent sailboat set I made and made up the sub/hearts charts. The sweater says it is 12-18 month size.

Doily Experiment

I have a large assortment of various amount of crochet thread from my mother in law. Some, like the varigated pink I used here, are VERY old and I only have about 100 yrds or so. I sat down playing with blending a couple patterns I have into something different and came up with this… It is only about 11? in diameter because I really didn’t have much of the varigated pink thread…


I’ve wanted to learn how to tat for a long time. My grandmother tried teaching me in the early 80s before she died in 83 but I never quite got it. I just recently found a book I could understand and figured it out. The shutter here is my grandmothers…