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Ever Expanding “Other” on iPod Touch

I had been noticing that the “Other” section of my iPod Touch’s capacity kept expanding in what seemed to be an almost exponential fashion. Looking around the web, I read several times that the “Other” included system files, thumbnails, various cache files etc and that the only way to reign it back into control was to ‘Restore’ the iPod or iPhone.. considering I have all but 5GB of my 64GB touch filled, restore is a long and tedious process which I didn’t particularly want to undertake even though my ‘Other’ had swelled to well over 2GB.

Thinking some more on it last night I though there had to be an easy way for the system to clear these caches. There is a clear internet cache under Settings>Safari but that doesn’t clear everything. Then I figured I’d try shutting it down (Hold down the top button until you see slide to power off) and seeing if a restart would clear things. Sure enough, after the restart I went from 3.6GB free to 5.3GB free. The only change being in the ‘Other’ section. So to bring the ‘Other’ section of your iPod/iPhone capacity down just restart!

Playing with the iPod touch

Last week I got a very unexpected email telling me I had won an iPod touch during a random drawing from a NAPP member survey. It arrived 5 days later and became the first Apple product I’ve ever owned. I’ve used iMacs before but have a dislike in general of products that are highly proprietary. Thus, my mp3 players of the past have been relatively generic. Ie: no Zunes, no iPods. I’m currently actively using 3 besides the new iPod. I’m going to give a brief rundown of each and then my thoughts on the new iPod.
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Rocket Man

Just got home from taking Jon to his birthday present – incredible concert 🙂

We were 10th row center section. Jon tried to take the "Songs from the West Coast" cd liner up when Elton was signing things for fans but the security from the arena wouldn’t let him up the last few rows.

New Music

Reamonn: Reamonn

Ever since my friend Nina introduced me to the German band “Poems for Laila” I’ve checked out various German bands. One of my favorite finds on was the band Reamonn… Their 5th studio album was just released and I recieved my copy yesterday. I think it is my favorite of theirs so far – even better than “Beautiful Sky”. This is such a great band, I’m really surprised they haven’t managed to break into the US yet – perhaps they just don’t want to… The lead singer is Irish and the songs are all in English.

If you are interested in checking out some of their songs, they have several posted on their myspace page: Through the Eyes of a Child is from their lastest album “Reamonn”