Ever Expanding “Other” on iPod Touch

I had been noticing that the “Other” section of my iPod Touch’s capacity kept expanding in what seemed to be an almost exponential fashion. Looking around the web, I read several times that the “Other” included system files, thumbnails, various cache files etc and that the only way to reign it back into control was to ‘Restore’ the iPod or iPhone.. considering I have all but 5GB of my 64GB touch filled, restore is a long and tedious process which I didn’t particularly want to undertake even though my ‘Other’ had swelled to well over 2GB.

Thinking some more on it last night I though there had to be an easy way for the system to clear these caches. There is a clear internet cache under Settings>Safari but that doesn’t clear everything. Then I figured I’d try shutting it down (Hold down the top button until you see slide to power off) and seeing if a restart would clear things. Sure enough, after the restart I went from 3.6GB free to 5.3GB free. The only change being in the ‘Other’ section. So to bring the ‘Other’ section of your iPod/iPhone capacity down just restart!

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