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I just read that Rev Billy Graham has passed away at the age of 99… These photos were taken in 2010. I had dragged my family out on an excursion to photograph the abandoned Bethlehem Steel Factory. While walking around, we found one of Billy Graham’s Daily Devotional books. Someone, whom I will never know, had chosen to purposely leave this book sitting open to the environment on an abandoned road leading to an abandoned factory. The rock which was placed on the book made it clear – this was a purpose driven action… actions cause re-actions… I saw the book, photographed it, looked up the passages within to learn what it was, and am now sharing those photographs as the authors’ death has brought them again to my mind… The paths we choose and the actions we take not only form who we are but also the world around us…

Gurdon Bill Waystation

Once a year in the fall Ledyard opens up several of the historic sites in town for the 2nd grader’s Ledyard History tour. I happened to catch the weekend opening today even though it was rainy and cold..

The waystation was built in 1816 and acted as a local store, meeting place and stagecoach waystation as it was located on two main roads between Norwich and Mystic. It happens to be about 3 blocks from house… I’ve taken photos of the outside several times but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to take photos inside. Apparently when Gurdon Bill passed away the parsonage across the street, the waystation and a nearby barn were all bequeath to the Ledyard Congretional Church. The Station was boarded up and pretty much left as it was… The old barn and stable is in severe need of repair – perhaps I will walk down on a sunny day and take some photos of the outside of it as I’ve never taken any of the old barn and stable.

Gurdon Bill WaystationGurdon Bill WaystationGurdon Bill WaystationGurdon Bill Waystation 4742Gurdon Bill Waystion Notice Board 4744Gurdon Bill Waystation Chair in Attic 4745Gurdon Bill Waystation Attic 4746Gurdon Bill Waystation Attic Mousetrap 4748Gurdon Bill Waystation Parsnage Shutters 4750Gurdon Bill Waystation 4751Gurdon Bill Waystation Bottles 4752Gurdon Bill Waystation 4753Gurdon Bill Waystation Fireplace and Entrance 4755Gurdon Bill Waystation First Frost 4758Gurdon Bill Waystation 4760Gurdon Bill Waystation 4761Gurdon Bill Waystation 4762Gurdon Bill Waystation 4763

YAPB and other changes to my WordPress

This weekend I decided to add a photoblog plugin to my WordPress. It is hard to believe that I started this blog 18 months ago in December 2007. Unfortunately, I really haven’t had much time to play around with it to get it to do the things I’d like it to. Not to mention the keep up with the changes WordPress has undergone in that time. Typically the only time I play with my own sites is when I’m not feeling well. Something about working with code on something non-work related is semi-relaxing to me. Thanks to the major change in my schedule due to having a son in middle school my sleep schedule is completely off which means I fought with migraines this past weekend… and so I played with my WordPress blog – demented I suppose…
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Couple of Photos

I bought these flowers last weekend so they are well past their prime but I liked how several of the flowers were floating on the top of the water in the vase. While shooting, a full flower fell and that is the 2nd shot which I also posted as my photo for the day on pBase