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NAPP Battle 337: 3D/firepit

Delayed posting on this one… I did this battle back in August however I never got around to posting it here. The starting image is to the right.

I’ve been meaning to play around with the updated 3D engine in Photoshop CS6 and try to get the hang of the rotation/movement along the plane tools and this gave me a good excuse. Continue reading “NAPP Battle 337: 3D/firepit”

NAPP Battle 338: Crab Photoshoot

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to play around in Photoshop or work on my own sites lately… the flip side of it, I’ve been quite busy work wise… just isn’t quite a fun.

Last week I managed to play around with the NAPP weekly battle.. hopefully I will get around to posting those a bit later… I also play around with this weeks’ image. The starting image is to the right.

I decided it was a nice day for a crab photoshoot…. sadly for the crabs, sxc.hu didn’t have any good cameras…

Crab Photoshoot

Some More Playing

Played some more today with the NAPP Challenge 27: Combo Platter which was to combine the following photos into a single image.

I also added:

Old building

My final image:

Challenge 27 Combo Platter

Bit of Playing in Photoshop

Acutally had some time to play around a bit today. Wandered over to the NAPP Forums and spied one of their challenges which was to colorize this photo:


I haven’t done a colorization in a while and enjoyed playing around with this one. It was done mostly by using masked solid color layers set to soft light. After I had basic colors for all of the parts I made a merged copy at the top and then did some dodge/burn/smudge and light opacity painting…