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Bit of Playing in Photoshop

Acutally had some time to play around a bit today. Wandered over to the NAPP Forums and spied one of their challenges which was to colorize this photo:


I haven’t done a colorization in a while and enjoyed playing around with this one. It was done mostly by using masked solid color layers set to soft light. After I had basic colors for all of the parts I made a merged copy at the top and then did some dodge/burn/smudge and light opacity painting…


Yet another reason the camera has been neglected a bit lately… I decided to finally act on my desire to learn how to play guitar and on February 22nd I bought a Guild GAD30E after visiting the local guitar shop and am slowly learning how to play. While I have figured out the notes/layout of the fret board and my finger picking coming alone smoothly, I’m still working on learning chords. Interesting concept – chords, not something I’ve  ever had to deal being a flute player.
Played with the photo in Lightroom to make the new guitar look old and liked the effect of this… Below is the original.

NAPP Battle Week 210

The image for the week:

The first thing that came to mind was a logo idea..

Only spent about 30 minutes on it so might decide to go back to it later on…

NAPP Battle Week 209

It has been a very long time since I’ve had a chance to do a NAPP battle – in fact looking back at my blog posts to find out how long I realized the last two I did are not posted so I will put them at the end of this posting.

The idea with the NAPP Battles is to take a common starter image and modify it to create a new image/composite.

The starting image for this week is to the right – I decided to try to make her look less gloomy…


And now for the previous two battles I did…

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