NAPP Battles 136-139

I’m behind again on my NAPP Battles… Life has been calling me away from playing… 🙁

I received my Adobe Master Collection CS4 on Thursday and did up the install while fighting the onset of what turned out to be a migraine that decided to try to last 2.5 days… Still not feeling well on Saturday I figured playing around with the Battle images I have missed recently would be a great way to test Photoshop CS4 out with out taxing the head too strenuously…

First thing noted from playing with Photoshop CS4… my ATI x850 isn’t going to cut it for the video card requirements so now trying to decide between just upgrading the video card and hanging on this system for another 9 months or so or plunging now into building a new system… at this point I’m leaning toward the video card since even though my system is 5 yrs old the bottleneck seems to be the video card not the cpu…

Anyway… On to the Battle Images for weeks 136-139 in order:
Battle Image Week 136 Battle Image Week 137Battle Image Week 138Battle Image Week 139

And my composite… just a fun little image…

Small lesson learned… some of the shortcuts have moved around.
load luminosity as a selection is no longer CTRL-ALT-~ it is now CTRL-ALT-2… drove me nuts trying to figure that one out…

And a neat new feature – you can now employ perspective and shear transforms to smart objects – this was done to make the raft out of the image for week 138.

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