WordPress Lessons Learned

My Adobe CS4 Master Collection arrived on the 23rd… since it was my son’s birthday I didn’t do much with it beyond install… an install that seemed to take forever.. Before installing, I decided to uninstall the CS3 programs that aren’t in high use… Contribute was in that batch leaving only Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver on my system…. Only thing is for some reason my wordpress was being odd and wouldn’t let me connect with Contribute CS4 so decided to try reinstalling CS3. I thinks the re-install of that one program took as long as CS4 total as it kept making me switch between CS3 and CS4 disks. So lesson learned – make sure you really don’t want the CS3 items before uninstalling. Still not sure what was causing the issue as the same settings seem to work fine now on CS4… might have been something quarky with the server.

Friday I felt pretty miserable with a migraine so I didn’t do much of anything. Saturday morning I played around with the battles I had missed on the NAPP boards the past several weeks. See previous post.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I decided I was going to finally tackle the “Library” section and actually customize it a bit. Once I got the books lining up nicely (View the Library) I decided I had finally had enough of the “Currently Reading” showing up on the Library pages and the home-is() wasn’t really working. I found a great solution on Blue Mushroom which suggested modifying the functions.php page..

While that worked great, I also happened to add an absentminded extra return after the ending ?> which apparently causes problems with WordPress… My entire Dashboard disappeared until I found the offending carriage return and deleted it. So second lesson learned – don’t have extra carriage returns in your WordPress php files.

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