Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Finally have our first spring flowers a few crocuses around the yard.

Other news would be that I finally broke down and bought a new laptop. I’ve been complementation getting one for the past year as my old Toshiba Pentium 3 from 2001 just wasn’t cutting it anymore. With desktop computers I build my own… not an option with a laptop so I now have my first Dell.

Owned it less than 24 hrs before formatting the harddrive and doing a clean install within a retail version of Vista Ultimate. Once I realized I needed the AHCI Intel SATA driver during the install things went pretty well. I’m writing this on it right now using the Wacom Tablet and handwriting recognition. Very nice for there laptop- but not sure it is something I’d ever use on any main computer since tin a very efficient typer. Benefit of having to take typing and having wpm drills in high school.

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