Gurdon Bill Waystation

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Once a year in the fall Ledyard opens up several of the historic sites in town for the 2nd grader’s Ledyard History tour. I happened to catch the weekend opening today even though it was rainy and cold..

The waystation was built in 1816 and acted as a local store, meeting place and stagecoach waystation as it was located on two main roads between Norwich and Mystic. It happens to be about 3 blocks from house… I’ve taken photos of the outside several times but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to take photos inside. Apparently when Gurdon Bill passed away the parsonage across the street, the waystation and a nearby barn were all bequeath to the Ledyard Congretional Church. The Station was boarded up and pretty much left as it was… The old barn and stable is in severe need of repair – perhaps I will walk down on a sunny day and take some photos of the outside of it as I’ve never taken any of the old barn and stable.

Gurdon Bill WaystationGurdon Bill WaystationGurdon Bill WaystationGurdon Bill Waystation 4742Gurdon Bill Waystion Notice Board 4744Gurdon Bill Waystation Chair in Attic 4745Gurdon Bill Waystation Attic 4746Gurdon Bill Waystation Attic Mousetrap 4748Gurdon Bill Waystation Parsnage Shutters 4750Gurdon Bill Waystation 4751Gurdon Bill Waystation Bottles 4752Gurdon Bill Waystation 4753Gurdon Bill Waystation Fireplace and Entrance 4755Gurdon Bill Waystation First Frost 4758Gurdon Bill Waystation 4760Gurdon Bill Waystation 4761Gurdon Bill Waystation 4762Gurdon Bill Waystation 4763

3 Responses to “Gurdon Bill Waystation”

  1. Taylana says:

    Beautiful photos/ Great work!

    Sounds as if had you applied some Photoshop technique.

  2. Connie says:

    Hello Taylana,

    However, the only ‘photoshop’ used was on any of these photos was to resize and add the copyright information. The effect on the fire is strickly due to using a tripod an a long exposure.

  3. Taylana says:

    Hello CJ

    Your welcome!

    Wow! I could imagine the contrary lol:P But… This is Very interesting (The form how everthing was made and such). Perfect! Congratulations for all work.

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