Wednesday of Holy Week

Wednesday of Holy Week

Today’s Reading comes from a treatise on John by St Augustine. It is a call to reflection on the Eucharist… the Lord’s Table. But it is also more. Public Masses are suspended around the world and yet the Father through Christ and the Holy Spirit still provides for each and everyone of his children. How do we approach what is set before us on the “Table of Life”? Do we come to this table Arrogant and Demanding what we feel or expect to be our right in an attempt to fulfill our own will, wants, desires? Or do we approach the table with humility and take only that which is needed and ours by a vocation in desire of fulfilling God’s will?
There are so many amazing stories right now of how Nature is “healing” from the damage we have done from our own lust for more. This lust, this desire, will never be fulfilled by material means. It can only be fulfilled spiritually by humbly accepting God’s vocation. Be that vocation as Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu… the mystical traditions of all of these are based on allowing God to become an indwelling fountain of living water. Not something stagnated or polluted… but pure living water… If more live it spiritually… then the Kingdom of Heaven will Come materially… If we live materially… spiritually, our souls will become as our material waters here on earth… how we approach the “Table of Life” and treat what is presented on the “Table of Life” makes all the deference, regardless of Religion…

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