Small Bit on Internet Safety

Recently we had one of our credit cards compromised. They only managed to get 11.25 out as I check my accounts online weekly (yes I’m anal). They TRIED to get much more out but that was AFTER I had called the cc company and had the card closed for fraud… so they didn’t get far.

While talking to one of the girls who work in the fraud department, I found out that her department has increased dramatically in just the last few months due to the exponential increase in fraud issues.

I don’t typically get on a ‘soapbox’ and preach computer safety – I tend to stay back and let people who know me just ask as I feel people are more open to changing their ways when they ask than when they are preached too – that said, I’ve received several inquiries from clients, family, friends in regards to strange email receipts from amazon, iTunes etc. Please note these are yet another phishing scheme geared to get you to open the email, click on links etc., log into a false look a like site so they have your password infromation… Don’t do it – if you want to check your amazon or iTunes (or any other) account status go to amazon or iTunes (etc.) and log in there don’t bother opening the email unless you know and are expecting the receipts.

iTunes is being especially hit. A quick search on the internet will turn up people who have lost thousands of dollars by fraudsters charging not only their credit card but running up charges on their PayPal. I highly recommend if you have an iTunes account to remove its connections to PayPal and to any credit card and only use gift cards. They can be bought at many places and I know that BJs and Costco sell them at a discount.

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    Where’s your Digital Sketchbook?:( 😛

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    I understand …

    You have made an awesome work here in your other sites. I like a lot to see them …=)

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