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The Holy Thief

By William Ryan

The Holy Thief

Started reading:
1st November 2010
Finished reading:
30th November 2010

Tags: Historical Fiction, Russia, WWII

Review & Quotes

Rating: 8

I picked this book up from the library as it seemed interesting. It is based in Stalin’s Russia (1936). A girl is found gruesomely murdered on a church alter and Capt. Alexei Korolev of the Moscow Militia’s Criminal Investigation Division is called in to do the investigation which gets tied into corruption within the NKVD and involved the exportation of religious artifacts.

The book reminded me of The City of Thieves. It was a good book though the atrocities of WWII can get depressing at times. While reading this and also listening to the BBC News and how the people of Russia would cross the street to avoid the corrupt police… seems things haven’t changed much…