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The Splendour Falls

By Susanna Kearsley

The Splendour Falls

Started reading:
15th April 2015
Finished reading:
5th May 2015


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Rating: Unrated

Apparently this is one of her first novels. It was based in Chinon France and tells the tales of two Isabelles’ and their hidden treasures… where there is treasure there are treasure seekers… Emily arrives at the hotel at the bequest of her cousin Henry who himself does not show up… she becomes friends with various other guests at the hotel and explores the French city with them…

Saved Highlights:

one formed opinions based on first impressions, or past experience. And one was so often wrong.

Flirtatious men I could handle. It was the serious ones, like Neil, who made me nervous—the ones who looked straight at you and spoke simply and had no use for games. Men like Neil, I thought, might talk of love and mean it, while flirtatious men demanded nothing, promised less, and never disappointed.

He didn’t ask me what I did for a living, but then the French didn’t ask such things, as a rule. It was considered impolite, a means of pigeonholing people before one really got to know them.Read

It was a thing intangible, yet clearly felt—the sense that time was moving round him, past him, leaving him untouched.

“Because everything does make sense, when you look at it from the right angle. All you have to do is find out what that angle is, for whatever it is you want to understand, and bang, the universe becomes a rational place.”

—is happiness a thing we choose, I wonder? Or is it something handed out to some, and not to others?”

“I think we all make choices in our lives that set us down the road to happiness or disappointment. It’s just that we can’t always see where the road is leading us until we’re halfway there.”

Everything makes sense if you look at it from the right angle,

Hindsight, I thought, was like a punishment, remorseless in its clarity and painfully unable to change what had gone before.