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Men of Bronze

By Scott Oden

Men of Bronze

Started reading:
8th November 2012
Finished reading:
14th December 2012


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Rating: Unrated

Kindle daily deal I picked up a while ago. I figured it would be a short quick book however it takes a while to get into it and it isn’t exactly something to rad before bed considering the violence between the Egyptians and the Greeks… That said it was interesting learning more about the turmoil in the region a lot of which still exists today…

We are all slaves in some way or another: to destiny, to class, to blood, to gods, to fear. For this brief moment in time, you are a slave to nothing, to no one. I envy you your freedom, your future, for you have been given something I will never have: a second chance.
location 3171

“Bureaucrats.” The word sounded like a curse. Barca grinned. “Some men are gifted with the skills of a healer, others with the craft of a killer. But those two are a rare breed. They can spin cloth-of-gold from camel dung.
location 3248

“True, the Fates have made sure your path is strewn with obstacles, but the gods themselves have gifted you with the wits and the wherewithal to overcome anything. You told me the events of my youth made me who I am today. The same can be said of you.
location 3571

if you acquit yourself with honor, it matters not if the battle goes against you. A man in possession of his honor will always triumph, even in defeat.
location 4497