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Blackberry Winter: A Novel

By Sarah Jio

Blackberry Winter: A Novel

Started reading:
8th November 2012
Finished reading:
10th November 2012


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Rating: Unrated

Another kindle daily deal… When I finished this book I realized that I have read another by Sarah Jio called The Violets of March. Like the Violets of March, Blackberry Winter takes place in Washington State around Seattle and Bambridge Island. The story alternates between the story of Vera Ray and her 3 year old son Daniel who goes missing after an unusual May 3rd snow storm in 1933…. years later, Claire, a journalist for the Herald is giving an assigment to link a current May snow storm to the one in 1933 and starts researching the disappearance of Daniel while her marriage falls apart due to an accident which occured a year before… She finds out that her life is directly linked to Daniel’s story…

Saved Quotes:

True friendship, she says, is when someone can appreciate your happiness—celebrate your happiness, even—when she’s not necessarily happy herself.
location 1990

That’s the thing about secrets—they always do find their way. Even if it takes a lifetime.
location 3669