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The Devil in Pew Number Seven

By Rebecca Nichols Alonzo

The Devil in Pew Number Seven

Started reading:
21st January 2012
Finished reading:
24th January 2012


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

Borrowed this one from our library. Hard to believe that this is a true story – Rebecca’s ability to forgive after a man whole feels jilted by her father’s honest pastoring of a small church decides to terrorize her family is inspiring… the fact that her family stayed as long as they did is mind boggling – I definitley do not think I could have put my family through that…

Saved quotes:

That forgiveness is the language of heaven. That forgiveness should be a way of life. Even when it was humanly inconceivable to do so.  – pg 88

Imagine taking seven different one thousand–piece puzzles. Then, imagine doing the unthinkable—mixing them all together in one giant pile. Then, after you’ve created the mess, you look at the pictures on the various boxes and realize there are tons of pieces of nondescript sky and fields of grass. Your job is to re-create the seven puzzles. That’s when it dawns on you it might take a lifetime to figure out which pieces fit into which puzzle.   • pg 234

My sins will not be forgiven by God if I refuse to forgive those who have sinned against me. I miss an opportunity to show God’s love to an unforgiving world. I’m the one who remains in jail when I withhold God’s grace by failing to forgive. If I have trouble forgiving, it might be because I’m actually angry at God, not at the person who wronged me.   • pg 245

“Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”   • pg 251

“When you forgive a person who wronged you,83 you set a prisoner free, and then you discover that the prisoner you set free is you.”   • pg 255