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The Witch of Portobello: A Novel (P.S.)

By Paulo Coelho

The Witch of Portobello: A Novel (P.S.)

Started reading:
29th February 2008
Finished reading:
6th March 2008


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Rating: Unrated

This is Paulo Coelho’s most recent and it is a bit different than other books by him which typically have a strong first person of singular origin. The Witch of Portobello puts together a woman’s life, Athena – the witch of portobello road London, using bits and pieces of how others viewed her life.

Born to a gypsy in Romania and then put up for adoption and adopted by a Lebanese couple, Athena is strongly attracted to the spiritual. First via the Catholic church and then when she is excommunicated after divorce she finds her calling in the Feminine Goddess or Mother. It is interesting in that her spiritual path is told not by herself but by others many of whom don’t necessarily believe that which she tells them… as always it is interesting seeing the different perspectives and there is a very nice twist in the end which puts the whole story all together…