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Ernie’s Ark : stories

By Monica Wood

Ernie’s Ark : stories

Started reading:
23rd May 2012
Finished reading:
28th May 2012


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

I picked this up as one of the Kindle Daily Deals and managed to read a quarter of it in one setting.. It is a collection of interweaving short stories told around a small Maine town whose commerence is centered around a paper mill whose workers are on strike. Ernie was near retirement when the strike occured and is initially angry about his wife’s illness and impending death and the question of weither he will ever get his retirement pay when we decides to enter a competition to build an installment at the local college and decides to build an ark. The ark absorbs his anger and we learn more about the area through others who are also effected by the strike and/or the ark.

Quote: She is a grown woman who from all accounts can orchestrate with skill and conviction and extraordinary kindness the therapy of bulimics and borderlines and bipolars and maybe even a few bunged-up-in-the-ordinary-way stragglers, but when faced with her own father becomes fixed and judging and short of compassion. I know she feels this now, because I, as a child of parents myself, experienced it once