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Prophecy of the Sisters

By Michelle Zink

Prophecy of the Sisters

Started reading:
22nd March 2010
Finished reading:
25th March 2010


Review & Quotes

Rating: 8

Another quick read. I picked this one up at BJ’s one day after the cover caught my eye and the insert seemed interesting. Being a “Young Adult” it is a very quick and easy read. Unfortunately, it is also the first in a a trilogy and the next book isn’t out until August. I hate it when that happens…

Set in 1890. This is a Gothic story of two twin sisters, Lia and Alice, in a line of twin sisters… The premise is based on an old druid legend of one sister being the guardian and the other being the gate through which the devil will come though to start the apocalypse – hence the “prophesy of the sisters”. Lia unfortunately, is completely naive to the prophesy and much of the book is her learning about it.