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No One You Know

By Michelle Richmond

No One You Know

Started reading:
11th April 2011
Finished reading:
21st April 2011


Review & Quotes

Rating: 10

Loved this book! It is the second I’ve read from Michelle Richmond and have really enjoyed both. While on one of her many trips to buy coffee beans, Ellie is approached one day in Nicaragua by the man she had thought had murdered her sister Lila, a promising mathematician… however she soon believes he didn’t murder her and goes on a quest to learn the truth there by moving on in life herself. After Lila is found murdered, Ellie tells the store to one of her English professors who write a novel on the murder. It is this novel that has set Ellie’s life because she never questioned it… once she does, she finds peace and a strength she didn’t know she had.
The emersion in the world of mathematics and coffee is fascinating… even if I despise coffee and prefer tea!