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The Technologists: A Novel

By Matthew Pearl

The Technologists: A Novel

Started reading:
21st February 2012
Finished reading:
23rd May 2012


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

Having read several of Matthew Pearl’s novels in the past and knowing he always puts a part in about what is fact and fabricated, I was very tempted to skip to the back of this novel to find out exactly how much of it was based on fact and how much was fabricated… turns out it was a HIGHY fabricated, historical fiction…
I did find one passage quite interesting. One page 192, “Did you know, and it is a fact, that sailors’ wives kept black cats to guarantee their husbands’ safe return from sea? In fact, due to this superstition, they were contantly stolen.” Turns out this really is a common black cat superstition…