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The Poe Shadow

By Matthew Pearl

The Poe Shadow

Started reading:
26th March 2010
Finished reading:
21st April 2010


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Rating: Unrated

Like Dante’s Club, Poe’s Shadow looks at a literary murder/mystery. Set in 1849, a young lawyer, Quentin Clark, becomes obsessed with the tarnished reputation his his favorite author-poet, Edgar Allan Poe, received following his death in Baltmore. Quentin goes to all means to try to solve the mystery behind Poe’s death by trying to find the real-life model of Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin. His single-mindedness causes him to lose his fiancee and end up on trial for insanity and murder.
It was an OK book – the historical accounts of 1849 Baltimore were the most interesting aspect to me. Most notably the pigs that roamed the streets at night to clean up the trash and the practice of obtaining bodies for the medical colleges.