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The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

Started reading:
13th May 2009
Finished reading:
30th May 2009


Review & Quotes

Rating: 7

I reserved and picked this book up from our local library after getting a recommendation from Amazon.com on it.
This is has ended up being the 3rd WWII/Nazi related novel I’ve read in a row now… The ‘book thief’ is a little girl whose mother gives up for adoption because apparently the family has some communist ties. On traveling with her mother and brother to the new foster family, the brother dies and the girl finds and steals a grave diggers guide she finds at her brother’s funeral. Later her lovable foster father helps her learn to read it.
The book does a good job at showing the harshness of living in Nazi Germany without being overly gruesome. The most fascinating aspect of the book is the narration. The book is narrated by death. He mentions that he is haunted by humans and that he found the book thief in particular very fascinating. He goes off on asides throughout the novel mentioning how busy his job was during the war and giving random definitions and antidotes to the story. He also has a tendency to ‘jump’ ahead in the story and then fill in the pieces… it is a very different narrative from most books and very original in that aspect.