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The Citadel

By Kate Mosse

The Citadel

Started reading:
10th November 2012
Finished reading:
14th February 2013


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

I got about half way through this book taking place in Nazi occupied France and realized I was not going to like the ending and so it took a while to finally get there… still didn’t like the ending but it was the ended that we meant for the story….
This is my 3rd book by Kate Mosse and I ended up ordering it from the UK – as I finish it, it is still not available in the US.

A favorite quote from pg 282: “Stories shift their shape, change chracter, madomaisela. They acquire different complexions, different colours, depending on the storyteller.’ He shrugged. ‘Why not simply tell the sory as it comes back to you.”