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The Distant Hours: A Novel

By Kate Morton

The Distant Hours: A Novel

Started reading:
23rd December 2011
Finished reading:
19th February 2012


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

Kate Morton has become one of my favorite authors and so I bought this one in hard cover. Part historical fiction/gothic mystery, The Distant Hours starts with a lost letter that finally makes it way home to Edie’s mom… then Edie comes across Milderhurst Castle and the Blthye sisters… the daughters of the author of the first book Edie ever fell in love with the “History of the Mud Man”

What ensues if Edie piecing together both her mother’s past a war child of London who had gone to live at Milderhurst during the war, the missing fiancee of Juniter Blthye, and the true story behind the Mud Man.

“Oh, but I do enjoy gray skies! They’re so much more complex than blue ones. If they were people, those are the ones I’d make the time to learn about. It’s far more interesting to wonder what might be behind the layers of clouds than to be presented always with a simple, clear, bland blue.”