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The Good German

By Joseph Kanon

The Good German

Started reading:
21st April 2011
Finished reading:
1st May 2011


Review & Quotes

Rating: 9

I picked this book up at one of the library book sales… it is one that has sat on the shelf waiting to be read and each time I go to weed out books.. it has managed to stay… figured it was about time to read it…

It was a very different WWII novel than I’ve previously read in that it takes place after the war in allied occupied Berlin.

Jack is a news reporter who was in Berlin before WWII and comes back to try to find his lover… he first finds a body that washes up in the Russian controlled section… thinking there might be story involved he starts researching it only to find more than he has bargained for and that the death ties in with his lover…

It was a thought provocing book about the aftermath of war and the corruption that comes along… it also makes you think about who is “good” and who is “bad”… what would one do in order to save their own life… one story line is of a Jew who pointed out other Jews for the camps as a means of saving her own life…