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The Ghost Writer

By John Harwood

The Ghost Writer

Started reading:
22nd November 2008
Finished reading:
25th November 2008


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

Very strange novel. Gerard Freeman lives in Mawson, Australia with his mother. At ten he finds a secret drawer in his mother’s room and opening it finds a book and photograph. His mom finds him, beats him and stops telling of her life growing up at Staplefield in England.

At 13 he recieves an unsolicited offer for an English “penfriend” named Alice whom he develops his only friendship. She refuses to send photos or let him see her claiming to have been in a car accident which killed her parents.

The story progresses with glimpses at Alice and Gerard’s letters as well as ‘Ghost Stories’ writen by Gerald’s great-grandmother Viola… as he learns that ‘one came true’.