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Keeping Faith: A Novel

By Jodi Picoult

Keeping Faith: A Novel

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9th January 2013
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12th January 2013


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You convince yourself that if you keep perfectly still, if you don’t make any sudden moves, neither will anyone else.
location 244

Get dressed, brush your hair, act like a normal woman, and before you know it, you won’t be acting anymore.
location 322

adhering to the New England tradition of keeping one’s nose out of neighbor’s bad business, lest it be contagious.
location 680

You have to be open to the presence of God before it comes to dwell.
location 1906

Saint Elizabeth of Schonau. Died 1146. Saint Elizabeth beheld a vision of a young woman sitting in the sun and asked an angel to tell her what it meant. The angel said, “The young woman is the sacred human nature of our Lord Jesus.”
location 4669

parent: realizing that no matter how you try, you will not be able to protect a child from the tragedies or the missteps or the nightmares. Maybe the job of a mother is not to shelter but to bear witness as a child hits full force…and then to cushion the fall when it’s over.
location 6034

“My teacher in first grade said that long ago people used to believe all kinds of things, because they didn’t know any better. Like you shouldn’t take a bath, because it could make you sick. And then someone saw germs under a microscope and started to think different. You can believe something really hard,” Faith says, “and still be wrong.”
location 8061

We don’t have to accept each other’s beliefs…but we do have to accept each other’s right to believe them.”
location 8110