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The Lollipop Shoes

By Joanne Harris

The Lollipop Shoes

Started reading:
14th December 2007
Finished reading:
31st December 2007


Review & Quotes

Rating: 9

I’m a huge fan of Joanne Harris’ work. I found this one while wandering around the Internet one day however it still hasn’t been released in America so I ordered it from Amazon.co.uk without reading much about the story line.

I started reading it early December and quickly realized that it was a continuation of Chocolat. So put it down for a couple weeks and re-read Chocolat. The Lollipop Shoes is an excellent continuation of the story of Vianne and Anouk Roucher. A bit darker but also a bit more triumphant in the end.

For anyone interested… this will be released in America as “The Girl With No Shadow