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The Land of Decoration: A Novel

By Grace McCleen

The Land of Decoration: A Novel

Started reading:
28th June 2012
Finished reading:
6th July 2012


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

It seems everytime I step into our local library lately I notice another book which I have put on my ‘prospective’ reading list sitting on the new books shelf. I first found out about this book via the Elle book reviews and thought it sounded interesting…
And interestesting it was…
The story is told by 10 year old Judith, the daughter of a widowed factory worker and evanglisit… Judith goes from feeling she has no power to having a dream where she meets a man in a field and is given a stone which will give her power though the power effects will have a bitter aftertaste…
It is a strange book which was hard to put down… the chapters were short and kept you wanting more… while the book would make a good book club book the book most definitely is not for all as it is psychologically following a little girl and her father through clinical depression and their twisted views on the world.

“But most of the time I don’t say much to Father and he doesn’t say much to me, and this is the biggest problem we have, because all the time we are not saying things, the air is filled with the things we could. I am always trying to hook one of these things down, but they are usually out of reach”

“Or perhaps his idea of a perfect day vanished a long time ago and he has forgotten how to imagine a new one. ”

“I wondered what it would be like to die. Was it like going to sleep or like waking up? “