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Barefoot: A Novel

By Elin Hilderbrand

Barefoot: A Novel

Started reading:
21st August 2009
Finished reading:
27th August 2009


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Rating: Unrated

This was selected as the August book for the SOSA book club – it was meant to be a ‘lighter summer reading’ book… I’m now about 100 pages into it and it is about 3 women who head to Nantucket. 1 – Vicki is undergoing treatment for lung cancer and has two little boys 4 and 9months. 2 – Vicki’s sister Brenda… recently fired from her teaching job for having an affair with a student and throwing a book at a ‘priceless’ piece of artwork… 3 – Melanie, Vicki’s friend who after 7 tries at in vitro got pregnant the natural way and found out right after her husband announced he was having an affair… not exactly a ‘light’ read… contemplating on whether to finish it or just let it be…

Update – finally finished… not a ‘light’ book with the subject matter but not too bad of a read once you get into it… not really my favorite genre though…