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What Was Lost

By Catherine O’Flynn

What Was Lost

Started reading:
12th March 2009
Finished reading:
30th March 2009


Review & Quotes

Rating: 7

This was a book club book for SOSA.

The story alternates between the 1984 and 2003. It is the story of a girl named Kate Meaney who in 1984 at and 10 yrs old wants to be a detective and with her stuffed monkey, takes notes of on what is going on around the Green Oaks mall. Later in 1984 she disappaers… the police suspect her next door neighbor Adrian. In 2003, Lisa, Adrian’s little sister is working in a record store in the Green Oaks Mall and finds the stuffed monkey while Kurt a security guard see a little girl with a stuffed monkey on a security camera… It looks at how all these peoples lives are affected by the loss of Kate…

While enjoyable, it was a sad and took a while to get into. Part of the issue of getting into the book was realizing that randomly there were naratives that were just thoughts of random mall goers. This makes sense when you finish the book but is rather odd as you are starting it..