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The Prisoner of Heaven: A Novel

By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Prisoner of Heaven: A Novel

Started reading:
28th July 2012
Finished reading:
5th August 2012


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

The most recent release in the “Cemetary of Forgotten Books” series… this one did not seem to have as much storyline to it beyond tying “Shadow of the Wind” and “Angels Game” together… it also seems as if it is a bridge to another book… or two… Ruiz-Zafron started the series in the middle with Shadow of the Wind.. Angels Game takes place before Shadow of the Wind… seems there could be another before talking about the making of the Cemetary and another after with Daniel going after Yale.
Assorted Quotes:

deep down we’ve never been who we think we once were, and we only remember what never happened . . .

His life seemed destined for the bitter, grey existence of mediocrities whom God, in his infinite cruelty, has endowed with delusions of grandeur and a boundless ambition far exceeding their talents.

‘A madman is one who considers himself sane and thinks that fools don’t belong in his rank.’