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The Gargoyle

By Andrew Davidson

The Gargoyle

Started reading:
3rd January 2009
Finished reading:
19th January 2009


Review & Quotes

Rating: 9

Excellent book. A bit graphic in areas though… one of the reviews I read stated the Stephen King would be envious of the detail that went into the narrator’s burns… and they were right.

The book is in first person for the most part other than the chapters that are Marianne’s stories. The narrator starts out driving down the road, while on cocaine and bourbon… ends up seeing flaming arrows flying at him and drives off the road and him and his car catch on fire. Miraculously he survives and we learn that he is a male porn star/director who as a child bounce from family member to family member to foster care. During his care in the hospital, Marianne shows up and claims to be his true love from the 1300s. She is a stone carver who carves gargoyles and grotesques giving each a heart of which she is convinced she has thousands.

A very well written first novel by Andrew Davidson. The story is captivating and well worth a read… or even a second read… considering while writing this I remembered the ‘flaming arrows’ vision which caused the accident and really ties in MUCH later in the book.