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The Taker

By Alma Katsu

The Taker

Started reading:
4th November 2011
Finished reading:
16th November 2011


Review & Quotes

Rating: Unrated

What a weird book….
The storyline was decent as a historical thriller… Lanny is tragically in love with the town’s golden son who also happens to be an unapologetic womanizer… she gets pregnant and sent off to Boston only to be taken in by a sadistic alchmist who makes her immortal….

Only highlighted a couple passages:

In relationships: “One is the giver and one is the taker. The giver wishes the taker would stop.”   

On looking at modern technology: “It sounds very much like alchemy. Using knowledge to control the forces contained within common elements.”   

What annoyed me the most about this book was the writing of it… Lanny telling her story in the first tense at times seemed contrived… This book could have definitely done better with a better editor.