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Since getting my iPad a couple years ago I’ve found I’ve used my laptop less and less even though the iPad was never bought or intended for work use it was what I tend to take with me to clients’ and then if I needed something I’d remote in to my desktop at home…
The past few months I’ve been wanting to limit my work us of the iPad and actually get something meant more for work and so after much deliberation, I ordered a Surface Pro 2 on Monday from Microsoft and it arrived yesterday afternoon… I was quite shocked it came the day after I ordered it as I had the free 3-7 day shipping.

I have managed to load it with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign from Creative Cloud but really haven’t had time to work with it much.

First impressions… I don’t like the kick stand. I find it annoying and I miss the folder smart cover my iPad has… the pen is interesting… sort of like one of the earlier Wacom essentials versions… definitely not the weight/feel of a Wacom. I did read that Wacom has a Feel IT driver that makes the surface pen more Wacom like… haven’t tried it out yet but will and post results…

My biggest complaint at the moment is why can google and apple sync bookmarks/favorites across devices but Microsoft can’t unless all devices are Windows 8 using windows live login??? Seems bizarre… Loading iCloud to the surface pro so Apple can do Microsoft’s job for them and sync my favorites…


iOS7 first impressions…

I like the cleaner look. One of the first things I didn’t like was in calendar I typically use the “list” view and on first glance the one calendar doesn’t have that option. However, upon clicking the “search” icon I found this:
calendar search view

Another issue I’ve found is that iTunes 11.1 will no sync music to an iOS 7 device without doing a complete restore of the device… very annoying..

Spammers Taking Advantage of a Facebook ‘Misconfiguration’

For several weeks I’ve received several emails from Facebook friends which claim they are sent from said friend however the from email address is obviously not them. The Subject line is “For Connie” and the content is simply a link or something about check out this link…

My brother-in-law brought it up to me today as he received one sent to him claiming to be from me but obviously not from one of my many email address and so I again did some searching to check into it and this time I found some intereting information.

The best info is on Forbes at:


I became aware of the threat after receiving two spear-phishing messages in the last week at a personal email addres registered with my Facebook account. In both cases, the sender appeared to be someone I interact with on Facebook, and the subject line was personalized (“for David”). But when I checked the email’s header fields, I saw that while my friend’s name was in the “From:” field, the originating address wasn’t their usual account; instead, it was a bogus-looking Yahoo! Philippines email. I quickly unearthed several other reports of similar emails, all received within the last few weeks.

Also take a look at http://isc.sans.edu/diary.html?storyid=13981&rss

Computer Security – IE’s ActiveX Filtering

In light of more and more ‘drive-by virus’ – malware which is loaded onto your computer just by you visiting a website with no action or knowledge on your part – a few weeks ago I sent out an email to friends, family and clients regarding ActiveX and figured I should post it on my blog as well.

This is for anyone using Internet Explorer 9. Previous versions of Internet Explorer do not have the filter function. Firefox, Chrome etc do not use ActiveX.

By default, Internet Explorer allows all Active X content to be run. Active X controls are powerful browser plugins that enable many rich web experiences such as video playback etc… they can however also install malware onto your machine. Internet Explorer contains an “ActiveX Filtering” which puts YOU in control as to what ActiveX content is run on your computer. So if you do not trust the site – simply leave the filtering in place and  the plugin will not be run lessening the chance of possible malware being installed on your computer.

How to turn ActiveX Filtering On

To enable ActiveX Filtering click on the “Tools Menu” and go to:

Tools Tools Menu Icon> Safety > ActiveX Filtering

Make sure there is a check mark next to “ActiveX Filtering” Continue reading “Computer Security – IE’s ActiveX Filtering”