Another Bat

Found another Brown Myotis Bat in our grill cover this afternoon. This one was smaller than the one from last week that was hanging out in our deck umbrella. He was also very upset to be disturbed – kept trying to crawl back into the darkness of the cover instead of flying off. At one point he jumped at me when I tried to get him out.

I’m going to call the Ledge Light Health District on Monday to find out how to discourage them from hanging out on my deck. Don’t need any of us getting bit or scratched and then having to go in for the series of rabies shots!

One Response to “Another Bat”

  1. Connie says:

    Calling the Ledge Light Health District was unhelpful. The person I spoke to there really didn’t like bats and told me I should call an exterminator – when I told her I didn’t want to get rid of them I just wanted to discourage them from hanging out on the deck she suggested I call animal control.
    I managed to find an email address for them and have emailed back and forth… thus far no more bats on the deck.

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